Software Features & Advantages of GPS Tracking

All functions in detail

The GPS Fleet Software is an innovative comprehensive solution for GPS fleet management for SME and large companies. Here you find a summary of all tracking features and the electronic logbook in our pdf folder:
Real-time vehicle tracking at a glimpse
GPS Fahrzeug Position in Echtzeit
  • Online map view with vehicle symbols and colour status (driving, parked, idle)
  • Show the location on different maps
  • Display geofence areas and hotspots (customers, construction areas, companies)
  • Real-time asset lists with Red-Amber-Green status
  • Fleet administration with groups and branches
Informative tracing
GPS Fahrzeug Position in Echtzeit
  • Analyze the precise historic trip on the map
  • Display past trips and stops for several days and assets simultaneously
  • Monitor speed and auxiliary inputs in graphical sidebars
Set geofence hotspots
GPS asset entering leaving geofance
  • View, draw and edit geofence polygone areas directly in the map
  • Import / export the most important customer locations, branches or construction sites
  • Get instant alerts in case of entering or leaving of hotspots (based on timings, assigned to assets or groups, via email, sms or alert-call)
Alerts and events
GPS alert in case of overspeed
  • Alerts instantly when an asset enters or leaves a hotspot geo-zone.
  • Various alerts can be triggered for each asset or geofence
  • Several gps alert recipients can be set
  • Type of notification can be SMS, email or call
  • Speed-based alerts
  • Flexible time windows
Automated electronic logbooks
Automated electronic logbook tripsheet
  • Logbook smartphone app to add comments
  • Legal compliance with logbook module to document logbook changes
  • Private switch to separate private and business milage
  • Drivers can view and comment their own trips
  • Effective combination with driver identification for pool cars
Powerful reports for effective work time controll and fleet efficiency performance
GPS Driving time gant chart
  • Big choice of detailled reports such as monthly asset movement, waiting and idle times, customer visit reports
  • Graphical overview reports for driving times
  • Special report filters and selections to summarize your reports based on asset groups and time restrictions
  • Download all reports as PDF or Excel
  • Receive automated reports frequently
Driving behavior and work time data (CANBUS)
GPS production data acquisition report
  • Summary of additional signals such as cranes, work sensors, snow plows, etc.
  • Summary of CANBUS fuel consumption data
  • Transmission of RS232 data from demount-able spreaders)
  • Reports for production data acquisition
Driver communication and sending dispatch orders
Nachrichten an Fahrer schicken
  • Schnelles Versenden und Empfangen von Nachrichten und Aufträgen an Garmin Navigationsgeräte (LKW- oder PKW-tauglich)
  • Aufträge werden direkt in die Navigation übernommen
  • Versand von Aufträgen und Touren direkt an Fahrer-Smartphones oder Fahrer-Tablets
Web-based online software or local enterprise software architecture
  • Einfache Software-Nutzung über das Internet (Software-as-a-Service, Cloud-basierte Variante)
  • Hohe Service-Verfügbarkeit
  • Mehrmals jährlich neue Software-Updates
  • Technischer Software-Support für Anwender und Administratoren
  • Für besondere hohe Sicherheits-Ansprüche oder Großprojekte ist die (Fern-)Installation auf Firmen-Servern möglich
  • Alle Kundendaten können am Server des Kunden gespeichert werden
  • Ausführlich dokumentierte API Schnittstelle zum Datenaustauch mit Systemen für ERP-Warenwirtschaft, Logistik, Zeiterfassung (aktuelle Positionen, gefahrene Strecken, Zeiterfassungs-Leistungsdaten, Berichtsdaten, Fahrer-Aufträge, Touren, )

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